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Sinus Bone Graft and Dental Implants

missing back teeth dental implants1



Replacement of missing back teeth in the upper jaw can be quite challenging due to the position of Maxillary Sinuses. Maxillary Sinuses are pyramid shaped cavities located below the cheeks, above the upper back teeth and on the sides of the nose. They  are large air-filled holes found in the bones of the face which help reduce skull weight, produce mucus, and affect the tone quality of a person’s voice. The maxillary sinus drains into the nose through a hole called the ostia. Loss of the upper back teeth cause downward enlargement of the maxillary sinus which reduces the bone height in the area.

Most people with missing upper back teeth, particularly molar teeth, are affected by maxillary sinus enlargement and reduced height of jaw bone. This means there is not enough bone height for placement of dental implants. Bone deficiency in such patients must be reconstructed before dental implant treatment.

The procedure to reconstruct the bone height in the upper back portion of jaw is called “sinus lift” or “sinus bone graft” or “sinus augmentation”. Sinus lift treatment consist of creating surgical access to the lower section of the sinus and adding bone graft material in the area to increase the bone height. Sinus lift or sinus bone graft is a common and successful treatment option and is done routinely by experienced dental implantologists.  

The following case presents replacement of 2 missing teeth in upper right back portion of jaw in a patient with bone loss. The bone height in this patient was substantially reduced due to loss of upper back teeth and downward enlargement of the maxillary sinus. Sinus lift bone graft was necessary and had to be done to reconstruct the bone height for dental implants.

This case represents an actual patient of Dr. James Khazian. The patient was a 64 years old professional female who had neglected her teeth for years. She had lost several of her teeth, including 2 on the upper right area. She was determined to restore her mouth to healthy condition. Her treatment for upper right consisted of sinus lift bone graft and placement of 2 dental implants.

The entire treatment for replacement of 2 teeth for this patient which consisted of sinus lift bone graft, placement of 2 dental implants and final restoration with 2 porcelain teeth were performed by Dr. James Khazian and his team.    

missing back teeth dental implants1

This image shows 2 missing upper back teeth. These 2 teeth, one molar and one premolar were lost due to decay several years ago and patient did not have the opportunity to replace them with dental implants. Patient had an upper denture which was uncomfortable and embarrassing and she preferred not to use it. She was looking for a permanent and more natural solution and after some research decided to have dental implants.

missing back teeth dental implants2

This pre-operative x-ray shows the enlarged maxillary sinus. The red line marks the lower border of the maxillary sinus. This mean there is no bone above the red line. Bone height, as shown in this image was severely decreased, resulting in insufficient bone for placement of dental implants. Sinus lift bone graft had to be done for this case before dental implant treatment.

missing back teeth dental implants3

This image shows the completed sinus lift bone graft and dental implant placement. The placement of 2 dental implants and sinus lift bone graft were done in one visit. It usually take about 4 months for the new bone to mature and be ready for function  The sinus lift bone graft in this case has increased the bone height by about 20 mm (almost 1 inch), to the green mark.

missing back teeth dental implants4

This image shows 2 dental implants and abutments are in position and ready for attachment of final porcelain teeth. These dental implants are well integrated and permanently fused to jaw bone.

missing back teeth dental implants5

This image shows 2 porcelain teeth which are ready to be permanently attached to dental implants. These 2 implant teeth are custom designed by specialized computer software and fabricated by computer assisted milling machine. This is a revolutionary new dental laboratory technology that has been available in  the past few years. Using this technology, dentists are now capable of fabricating highly precise and beautiful teeth for their patients.

missing back teeth dental implants6This picture shows 2 porcelain teeth that permanently attached to dental implants. Note the natural shape, color, adaptation to gum, and overall superior esthetics. These teeth are the closest replacement to natural teeth because they are the exact shape and size as natural teeth. They are also permanently attached to the jaw bone as do the natural teeth. They feel, function, and look like natural teeth.

missing back teeth dental implants7

This image shows the x-ray of the final and finished treatment. The sinus lift bone graft has created over 20 mm of bone height. The new bone has excellent quality and provide strong support for dental implants.

Sinus lift bone graft is not a new technique. It has been around for over 30 years but has been continuously refined and improved. It is an extremely detailed and precise technique and requires advanced knowledge and skill of dental implantologist who performs it.

Sinus lift bone graft may be performed very comfortably under local anesthetic and patients usually recover and heal smoothly. Prescription of antibiotic, anti-swelling, and pain control medications is highly recommended and assure proper and comfortable healing

It is also important to take a pre-operative CT Scan to evaluate the condition of the sinus, rule out any pre-existing pathology, and check the anatomy of the area to avoid any surprises during the operation.

Dental implantology is now an advanced and predictable science that helps millions of people regain their lost teeth, their self confidence, their ability to chew comfortably and eat better, smile without hesitation, improve their health, and have an enhanced life style. Implant teeth are the closest replacement to natural teeth. They feel, function, and look like natural.

Sinus Bone graft is just one of the treatment options for solving the problem of tooth and  bone loss. If you have lost some or all your natural teeth, you are definitely a candidate to benefit from dental implants and implant teeth. The first step is to learn more about dental implantology and consult a competent dental implantologist

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Dr. James Khazian of Dental Implant Centers has close to 30 years experience in dental implantology. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He has appeared in several educational dental implantology TV shows and his work has been published in scientific journal.

For more information about dental implants, all-on-4, all-on-6, bone grafts, sinus graft, full mouth reconstruction, snap on dentures, and cosmetic dentistry, you may request a free consultation with Dr. Khazian by clicking here or call 866-4my-smile (866-469-7645)