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Sinus Bone Graft and Dental Implants

Posted by chrisjo on  February 19, 2020

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SINUS BONE GRAFT AND DENTAL IMPLANTS HOW TO REPLACE 2 MISSING BACK TEETH WITH SINUS BONE GRAFT AND 2 DENTAL IMPLANTS Replacement of missing back teeth in the upper jaw can be quite challenging due to the position of Maxillary Sinuses. Maxillary Sinuses are pyramid shaped cavities located below the cheeks, above the upper back teeth and on the sides of the nose. They  are large air-filled holes found in the bones of the face
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Molar Implant Teeth

Posted by chrisjo on  February 4, 2020

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MOLAR IMPLANT TEETH HOW TO REPLACE 2 MOLAR TEETH WITH DENTAL IMPLANTS The following case illustrate the replacement of 2 upper molar teeth with dental implants. Molar teeth carry most of the chewing forces and are the strongest teeth in the mouth. Natural molar teeth usually have 3 roots to be able to withstand  the massive load of chewing. Due to being under such strong chewing forces, and their location in the mouth which makes
Upper Front Teeth Replacement
REPLACEMENT OF UPPER FRONT TEETH WITH DENTAL IMPLANTS By Dr. James Khazian DMD. AFAAID. FICOI. Everyone agrees that loosing upper front teeth is a tragedy. Upper front teeth are by far the most prominent facial feature. Most people firmly believe that healthy teeth and pleasant smile is important for their self image and confidence, and play important role in their personal and professional lives.      Loosing upper front teeth is quite common. People lose their
Teeth implants
  BEAUTIFUL SMILE WITH IMPLANT TEETHBy Dr. James Khazian DMD. AFAAID. FICOI.  A beautiful smile is a valuable asset in everybody’s personal and professional life. Almost everyone truly care about the appearance of their teeth and agree that missing teeth, misaligned teeth, spaced teeth, and discolored teeth are unattractive and source of distraction in their life. A beautiful smile is powerful and portray command and control. In fact people who have beautiful teeth are more
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SINGLE TOOTH DENTAL IMPLANT Dental implants offer the best solution for replacement of missing or failing teeth. Dental implants are now considered as the only natural way to replace teeth. This is because dental implants function precisely the same way as natural teeth do. Dental implants are titanium screw that  are surgically placed into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth. Because they are biocompatible with human body, dental implants bond strongly with