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Getting dental implants is also a lengthy process, so the cost will be distributed across the various steps including:   Tooth or Teeth Extraction  This is usually the first step of your dental implant surgery. Unless you had the tooth/teeth professionally removed, there is a high likelihood that the site of the dental implant will still have some pieces of the damaged tooth present. Any tooth fragments must be completely removed to allow for proper
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Dental implants are vital to restoring the proper function of the teeth. From single, multiple, or complete teeth replacement to extensive reconstruction, our experienced team at Dental Implant Centers of Escondido & San Diego provides the healthiest and most appropriate dental implant solutions.  Furthermore, we administer a comprehensive treatment that includes; surgical and restorative phases. Our qualified dental health experts administer these treatments. They are always on hand to strictly follow your treatment plan. As
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If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental implant can help to prevent the teeth adjacent to the gap from tilting or shifting, which might misalign your bite and cause other dental problems. The teeth on the opposing jaw may also grow irregularly because there’s no mate to make contact with, causing you to injure the gum tissue in that area. This can create a chronic sore spot and discomfort. Moreover, the bone
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All-in-One Dental Implant Treatment Dental Implant centers™ is an all-in-one practice. This means all your dental implant and cosmetic dental treatments are done in one office and by one doctor. All aspects of your treatment including initial consultation and evaluation, extraction, bone graft, implant placement and final prosthetic restoration, and post-operative maintenance and care are all done by Dr. James Khazian. Dr. Khazian and his small team interact very closely with every patient to make
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It is possible to experience a lot of frustration and decreased self-esteem if you’re missing several teeth. Missing teeth might be associated with other dental issues as well as poor health.    Patients in this situation should seek to have their missing teeth replaced as soon as possible in order to maintain good oral health and improve their overall quality of life. Aside from dentures, what other approaches are available to replace several missing teeth? 

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