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Replacement of one missing upper front tooth implant

replace missing tooth implants

Replacement of one missing upper front tooth
All Treatment performed by Dr. James Khazian

This young female patient’s upper front tooth was missing for years and she was using a denture as a temporary measure to cover the gap. She was interested to replace the missing tooth using a dental implant. She had done research about the benefits of dental implants and was convinced that dental implant will provide beautiful and strong replacement for the missing tooth.

After a thorough consultation with Dr. James Khazian and learning more about implant teeth, patient decided to proceed with replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant and an implant tooth. 

Pre-op radiographs were taken to evaluate the site. A comprehensive oral and medical examination revealed that patient is a good candidate for the procedure.

replace missing tooth1

This x-ray shows the missing upper front tooth. The tooth on the left side has had a root canal treatment which may have failed and may need re-treatment.

The procedure to place the dental implant into the jawbone consisted of administration of local anesthetic, a small incision in the gum and placement of the actual dental implant into the site. This was done in about 30 minutes and was well tolerated by patient.

replace missing tooth2

This x-ray taken immediately after surgery shows the titanium dental implant place in the jawbone.

The healing process was smooth and without any complications. Patient stated she took her prescribed medications and experienced no post-operative pain.  

replace missing tooth3

This picture shows the healed area 4 months after dental implant placement and when the area is ready for the placement of final implant tooth.

replace missing tooth4

Another picture of the area shows the platform of the dental implant which is surrounded by healthy gum.

replace missing tooth5

This picture shows final implant tooth which is placed on dental implant and permanently in place. As is seen in this here, the implant tooth is perfectly blending into the area and look very natural. This picture also shows the gum surrounding the implant tooth is well shaped and has superior esthetic appearance.

replace missing tooth6

This x-ray shows the dental implant and implant tooth

Dental implants and implant teeth have many advantages and benefits. Implant teeth feel, function, and look like natural teeth. As is well known, “implant teeth are the next best things to natural teeth”

From the replacement of a single missing tooth to extensive reconstruction and replacement of several or even all teeth, Dental Implant Centers offer the healthiest and most intelligent treatment solutions. We provide the most comprehensive treatments for dental implants in San Diego. Both surgical and restorative phases of your dental implant treatment are performed by Dr. James Khazian. There will be no referral back and forth to another doctor or office. This means less confusion, and a more consistent, smoother, and faster dental implant treatment.

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