“Dr. Khazian promised me a million dollar smile and the results are amazing. Dr. Khazian and his staff show true concern for their patients, they are all very caring and efficient. And…the best part, no pain or anxiety. I would recommend Dr. Khazian to anyone. Thank you for my beautiful smile.”

Shirley A.

Dear Dr. Khazian

I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done on my teeth. As you may recall, I was initially referred to you by my dentist, Dr. Larry Pace, in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Pace is highly regarded and did a great job maintaining my teeth when I lived in Dallas.

Upon my initial visit, I was impressed with your courteous staff and the equipment used in your office. Your review of my teeth condition was thorough and you explained why I needed some teeth replaced with implants while others only needed crowns. You created a treatment plan and reviewed it to my complete satisfaction.

My treatment plan was extensive, requiring several visits and time between visits to complete. I continued to be impressed by your attention to detail and how nothing but perfection was acceptable. This was especially exhibited with my front crowns. Each visit was very relaxed and your constant attention to my pain or needs was a great comfort. With the aid of your very professional staff, my experiences at your office were easy and stress-free.

After the work was completed, I was VERY satisfied with the results! The implants perform extremely well compared to regular teeth and “feel” like regular teeth too. Not only do I have a beautiful smile but I receive regular complements on it as well! I was so happy with your work that my wife now uses your practice too. Your work is outstanding and I thank you again for your professionalism, attention to detail and superb results.

Charles McCarthy

“Dr. Khazian was my first choice when I began my search to do my veneers. I came to his office just for a quote but I was so impressed by him and his staff that he became my only choice. From the initial consult to the post-treatment check-up, the whole experience has been wonderful. Thanks to Dr. Khazian and his staff. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me.”

Shannon G.

“Over 10 years ago Dr. Khazian completed my full mouth reconstruction. My teeth were severely worn to the point I could not chew my food effectively. I was extremely unhappy with my smile. Dr. Khazian transformed my smile and improved my chewing ability. Now after 10 years, my teeth are functioning comfortably and my smile is as beautiful. Dr. Khazian is a master in his field. He is caring and knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Khazian for changing my life.”

Betty B.

“I’m very pleased with my new smile! Dr. Khazian and his staff have provided excellent care over the last several years. They always ensured I was comfortable during any procedure and helped restore my smile. Dr. Khazian took time to listen to my concerns and helped me understand the process. I feel more confident with my new smile and I recommend Dr. Khazian to all my friends and family.”


Dr. Khazian is a truly exceptional and remarkable dental implant surgeon in San Diego. I did quite a long research and visited several dental implant offices for consultations and examinations prior to finally settling on Dr. Khazian, based on several positive reviews I have read about him, to perform some necessary dental implant work to replace my two upper teeth.

I had two adjacent upper level back teeth on the right side of my jaw that were no longer functional due to one of them being a missing teeth with a floating crown bridged over to an adjacent teeth for support, which doing so ended up damaging the supporting teeth due to the extra load & previous root canal performed on it, hence I needed this damaged teeth along with its adjacent false teeth to be removed and new dental implant surgeries were then performed along with sinus lift and bone-grafts by Dr. Khazian to replace these two puppies.

Dr. Khazian’s impeccable work, positive demeanor, intelligence, and professionalism along with his knowledgeable staff were truly remarkable throughout the entire 6month process and several steps it took to complete the dental work. The surgeries from the dental extraction, bone grafts, sinus lift, dental implants, and final crown placements were all done very smoothly and precisely with at most patient’s comfort in mind. The pain and discomfort levels after each operations were surprisingly minimal relative to what I thought they would be.

I’m extremely happy with the final outcome and super stoked about my new replacement teeth, and would highly recommend Dr. Khazian to anyone who needs an excellent dental implant work done with guarantees. (Your teeth are your health, don’t take short cuts!!).

Jared M.

Dear Dr. Khazian,

It was a pleasure to have you do my dental work. You and your staff are professional, efficient, timely, and caring. I was in such a quandary when I realized just how much work I needed to have done. Having visited other dentists, I spent many sleepless nights before I was fortunate to have come to your office. I feel so lucky that I made the right decision to select you to be my dentist. Now that the work is completed, I have a reason to smile, and I do, often.

Your patient and devoted fan, Phyllis

P.S. Did I mention it was all painless?


“This implant procedure was virtually painless from beginning to end. There was no swelling, no discomfort ““ as easy as a regular cleaning.”

Judy R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Khazian for many years and I feel that I have received the best care and results that modern dentistry has to offer. Along with general work, I have also had some cosmetics including implants, which are serving me well and which I”m very pleased with.”

Louie W.

“Dr. Khazian is by far the best dentist I”ve been to in my sixty-plus years. My implants and crowns are of the highest quality. The previous fears and anxiety I experienced about dental procedures have been alleviated by his gentleness and willingness to address my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Khazian to everyone in need of implant surgery or general dental skills.”

Ann A.

“Dr. Khazian has been my dentist since April of 1995. During those years I have needed multiple dental procedures. The results have been always been perfect. The doctor”s demeanor is professional while being understanding and caring. His staff is always courteous and knowledgeable.”

Betty R.

“I sincerely appreciate the thoughtful and courteous care that I have always received in working with Dr. Khazian and his staff over the past year. Dr. Khazian”s skill and expertise made a beautiful difference in my mouth and smile. Many thanks!”

DeAnna L.

“I have been a patient of Dr. James Khazian for the past sixteen years. I have been very satisfied in his work as the years can tell. I would recommend him to anyone who desires a good dentist.

I was in his office one day, and next to me in adjacent room was a patient who mentioned she was to celebrate her one hundredth birthday in a couple of months, doctor stated he would like to celebrate her birthday in his office. I never ever heard a doctor say that. That”s the kind of doctor he is.”

Robert S.

“I have never written anything positive about a dentist or the experience I have had at the dentist, so this is a first and truly deserving! I started out having not so nice looking teeth, yellow and crooked; I couldn’t brush or floss enough. As I got older I tried to avoid going not only because I was scared and hated the dreaded needle, but cost. Then when I needed dental care, I received VERY bad care, one dentist broke a tooth but did not fix it, then the next one laughed and said not even dentures where possible, hopeless right? Well no. I knew I needed lots of care, started searching the internet and found Dr. Khazian.

First off he didn’t laugh, BIG PLUS, then he said I can help you, and he did. I have always laughed and love to smile but was embarrassed because my teeth looked so bad, now I smile bigger and feel more confident about myself. I wish I had done this sooner, what a difference a really GOOD dentist can do. Dr. Khazian and his staff are wonderfu, and make your visit comfortable and well worth your time and money!!! Dr. Khazian, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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