Cosmetic Dentistry

Replacement of failing or missing teeth in the upper front section of mouth, particularly in young adults is one of the most challenging dental implant procedures in dentistry. This area of the mouth is called the “esthetic zone” and any deviation from sound surgical and cosmetic techniques, while operating in this area  may produce an end result which would not be favorable to the patient and the implantologist.

Maintaining the overall gum integrity and architecture is critical in achieving an acceptable result. Equally important is fabrication of final porcelain teeth that have a natural look and blend un-noticeable with other teeth in the mouth

The following case demonstrates replacement of 2 missing upper front teeth with dental implants:

Case Report

Actual patient of Dr. James Khazian
Dental implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry  by Dr. James Khazian
Photography by Dr. James Khazian

These teeth had root infection and severe discoloration. The root structures were not repairable and teeth had to be removed. Note the gum recession above the tooth on the right side.


Teeth were removed and 2 dental implants were surgically placed. Extreme care had to be taken to, not only preserve the gum architecture, but also  repair the recession above the tooth on the right side.


Final porcelain teeth are in place and attached to 2 dental implants. Note the natural look of these 2 teeth. They are indistinguishable from other natural teeth. Note also that the pre-operative gum recession which has been completely repaired. These 2 porcelain teeth had to be custom colored to perfectly blend in with adjacent teeth.

These 2 implant teeth look, function, and feel like natural teeth, and this young female patient can smile with confidence.


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