Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many reason why implant teeth are considered to be the standard of care in comparison to other options for restoration of missing teeth. For example:

•    Implant teeth provide a long term solution for replacing missing teeth. Traditional dental bridges have a typical life span of five to ten years. Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime when properly cared for.

•    Implant teeth restore missing teeth to their most natural state. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They also help stimulate jaw bone, preventing bone deterioration.

•    Implant teeth prevent facial collapse and premature aging, which is always associated with tooth loss. This is because dental implants transmit chewing forces directly to jaw bone, stimulating the re-growth of bone. This maintains facial structures and prevents wrinkles and deformities.

•    Implant teeth are permanently affixed to the jawbone, therefore they are not removable and will not slip or fall out when speaking, chewing, or eating.

•    Speech disorders associated with dentures are quite common. Implant teeth restorations attach securely to jaw bone and have no movement under function, therefore do not affect speech.

•    All favorite foods can be enjoyed easily with the help of Implant teeth. There is no need to limit the consumption of certain foods since you can chew and bite comfortably.

•    Implant teeth help maintain self-confidence. The use of removable dentures have damaging effect on one’s self image and confidence because they look and feel like fake teeth. Dental implants restorations are permanently and firmly affixed to jaw bone. They provide the same stability as healthy natural teeth. Therefore, they feel and function like natural teeth. In fact people who have dental implants forget having them in their mouth. This powerful and positive psychological effect of dental implants is life changing. Quite often, it makes one more social, happy, and successful.

With recent advances in dental Implantology, great treatment options are now available to patients with failing or lost teeth. Treatment procedures such as teeth in a day, all on 4, immediate dental implants, sinus bone graft, and more are now available to restore lost teeth to their natural condition.

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