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How to Care for, and Maintain Your New All On 4 Teeth

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To make your All On 4 teeth last for many years, you should follow strict oral hygiene and a healthy diet. We are providing the following general points about maintaining your new All On 4 or All On X teeth.

How to Care for, and Maintain Your New All On 4 Teeth

Your new All On 4 or All On X teeth are strong and stable for normal chewing. With your new teeth you can enjoy a complete diet consisting of vegetables, meat, nuts, bread, and fruits. Although these teeth are permanently attached to your dental implants and are a permanent part of your mouth, they can however be removed by your dentist, if needed.

To make your All On 4 teeth last for many years, you should follow strict oral hygiene and a healthy diet. We are providing the following general points about maintaining your new All On 4 or All On X teeth.


It is important to properly care for and maintain your new teeth. We recommend an initial 3-month maintenance hygiene visit with our certified dental hygienist, Casey. She is well educated and trained in the hygiene field, and more specifically related to dental implants.

We also strongly encourage you to maintain a strict home oral hygiene consisting of the following:

  • Brushing with ultra soft brush after each meal.
  • Use of Waterpik at least twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime.
  • Use of appropriate size Gum Proxabrush at least twice a day after breakfast and before bedtime.
  • Use of Dental floss with floss threaders at least once a day before bedtime.

A Good Diet for All On 4 teeth:

We recommend that you avoid frequent eating. It would be beneficial to limit your diet to 2-3 major meals and absolutely no snacks in between. This includes juices and/or sugary drinks. The major problem with frequent snacking is that you would not be able to adequately maintain good oral hygiene.

Best Food for Your New Teeth and Your Health:

We recommend a healthy diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, adequate animal, or vegetable protein, and minimal to moderate carbohydrates. Raw or slightly roasted nuts such as almond, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamias, and Brazil nuts are good sources of healthy nutrients such as proteins, oils, and vitamins. Fresh vegetables provide you with healthy fibers for the health of your digestive system, vitamins, proteins, and some carbs. Rice and bread should be consumed minimally.  

Avoid These Foods:

Avoid processed food. Processed foods are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that are harmful to your mouth and overall health. Avoid excessive sugar. Sugar will create a favorable environment in your mouth for the growth of harmful bacteria that promote inflammation and infection. Sugar should be consumed minimally, and only with breakfast and dinner, followed by thorough flossing, brushing, Proxabruhing, and waterpik. If you drink coffee or tea, please limit them to only once a day and avoid sugar. We strongly recommend against soda (Pepsi, Coke, and others) These drinks are loaded with sugars, acids, and other harmful chemicals. They not only damage your implants and natural teeth, but also are extremely harmful to your overall health and wellbeing.

Other Maintenance Tips:

Periodic x-rays and examination by Dr. Khazian or another dental implantologist are highly recommended. Of course, with dental implants you do not have to worry about cavities, but dental implants must be continuously monitored for early signs of gum and bone infection.

If you are a grinder, bruxer, or clencher, you will need a guard or retainer to protect your new teeth and dental implants. Please make sure to discuss your condition with Dr. Khazian or our staff.

Smoking, the use of recreational drugs, and chewing tobacco are extremely harmful to you and your dental health. These substances significantly decrease the longevity of your new dental implants, implant teeth, and your remaining natural teeth. Although there have been numerous marketing reports about the health benefits of recreational drugs, serious studies by reliable scientific sources have proved otherwise.

Alcohol has been proven to be a contributing factor in oral cancer and other health problems such as liver disease. Gum tissue exposure to alcohol promotes inflammation which may lead to infection and implant failure. To maintain a healthy mouth and body, it is best to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.

You Have Our Support:

A healthy mouth, functional teeth, and pleasant smile for you is our goal. We work hard to achieve this goal but want you to know that this goal is only achievable with you and us working as a team. Let’s work together to achieve this goal.

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