Emergency Dental Care San Diego Dentist

Emergency Dental Care San Diego Dentist

Emergency Dental Care
Dental emergencies happen quite often and taking the right decision and seeing the right dentist can make the difference between saving or losing a tooth. A broken front tooth can be an embarrassment on any day or in a critical occasion. Why is it that dental emergencies occur when they are least expected? Just before an important meeting, during vacation, on a weekend. Even if they happen during an ordinary day, they are disappointing and inconvenient. We have heard that the best strategy is prevention, and it is quite true, but even with the most careful prevention things can go wrong. Let’s look at the following scenarios:

Broken Teeth:
Teeth break due to a large filling, root canal treatments that make teeth weak and fragile, accidental biting on a piece of rock or hard seed, sport injuries and falls. A broken tooth, no matter how small, should be taken seriously and given attention immediately. Don’t assume that if it doesn’t hurt it can be ignored. Tooth fractures, no matter how small, can lead to nerve degeneration and possible infections and eventually tooth loss.

Knocked Out Teeth:
This happen primarily due to impact during an injury. If the tooth is completely knocked out of socket, gently clean and place it back in the socket. See a dentist immediately.

Severe Toothache:
This can be due to a large cavity which has penetrated the nerve chamber of the tooth, broken or cracked tooth, cracked roots, gum infection (periodontal infection), and other reasons. See a dentist immediately for evaluation and appropriate treatment. Failing to see a dentist and just taking antibiotics and/or pain medications may temporarily relieve the pain but the real cause of pain is not cured and the problem will definitely come back later in a bigger scale.

Broken Or Lost Dentures:
This is an embarrassing situation which occurs quite commonly. Dentures that are taken out of the mouth temporarily, for cleaning or others  reasons, are usually wrapped in a napkin or tissue and can be accidentally thrown into trash and never be found. They can also break during biting or chewing, or simply dropping on a hard surface. Another common problem may be the loss of 1 or several teeth on a denture.

For any of these issues you will have to see a dentist to have your dentures repaired or replaced. Repairing a denture can usually be done in just one day. Replacing lost dentures is a more involved process which may take at least one week.

There are definitely more unforeseen situations that may lead to dental emergencies. Dental Implant Centers offer emergency dental care and is always ready to see you immediately and provide you with the care you may need. We offer the following dental procedures:

  • Dental implant emergencies
  • Denture related emergencies
  • Crowns, dental bonding, or dental fillings to repair broken teeth
  • Extractions, including wisdom teeth
  • Treatment of dental infections
  • Treatment for gum (periodontal) disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment for toothache
  • Root canal treatments to address tooth infections

If you are in town for vacation or business and have a dental emergency, call Dental Implant Centers:

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