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Dentures vs Dental Implants


During my 28 years practice as a dental implantologist I have met many patients with dentures. I don’t remember even one who was truly happy. These are what I typically hear from them when they come in:

—“My dentures make me miserable. I can’t talk, eat, or even smile. They move around in my mouth and embarrass me.”

—“My dentures pop out of my mouth when I sneeze.”

—“My dog took my denture while it was out of my mouth and went to back yard. I could never find it.”

These are just some of the problems people have with their dentures. Overall they feel their quality of life is severely compromised because of their dentures.

Modern dentistry is now offering dental implants as permanent solution to tooth loss. Dental implants are permanently anchored to jaw bone to support strong and natural looking implant teeth.

The following charts is a snapshot comparison between implant teeth and dentures:


Dental Implants vs Dentures

  • Implant teeth become a permanent part of mouth and are not taken out
  • No restriction on type of food
  • Look and feel more like natural teeth
  • Preserve jaw and facial bone and prevent premature aging appearance
  • Better self confidence while eating, talking and socializing
  • Better overall health with a more complete diet
  • Implant teeth are permanently attached to mouth and never get lost
  • Implant teeth are made of porcelain and never wear down
  • Implant teeth don’t require adhesives or cream
  • Implant teeth have higher initial cost but they last much longer, don’t need replacements and offer a much higher quality of life.


  • Denture teeth are removable and are taken out of mouth
  • Diet is restricted to softer food
  • Look and feel fake
  • Cause jaw bone erosion, collapse of facial structures and make you look older
  • Compromised self confidence and social life due to problem with eating and talking
  • May cause digestive and other health issue because of restricted diet
  • Dentures quite often get lost or break when removed from mouth for cleaning
  • Denture teeth are made of plastic and wear down in time and loose the chewing ability
  • Dentures slip and move around, require adhesive and creams
  • Dentures have lower initial cost but higher long term maintenance and replacement expenses


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Dentures vs Dental Implants Which one better