Denture Problems

Do You Have Denture Problems?

Dental Implants Offer The Best Solution


What Is A Denture?

Dentures are removable prosthesis that replace missing teeth. Full dentures replace all teeth in one or both jaws. Partial dentures replace several teeth and are usually anchored to some remaining natural teeth.

Full dentures have been used for many decades by people with missing teeth and although a valuable treatment option, it has also had quite a few draw backs. Dentures are quite bulky, move under function, do not fully restore chewing ability, interfere with speech, are embarrassing, cause deterioration of jaw bone and gum tissue and premature aging appearance.

More than 35 million Americans (about 10% of total US population) have lost all their teeth and use full dentures. The most serious problem this group of people have with their dentures is lack of stability. Full dentures are only supported by gum tissue. During eating and speaking, dentures lift and move around in the mouth, causing discomfort and possible pain.


What is the Solution for denture problems?

The best solution for such denture problems is dental implants. Placement of 2 or 4 Dental implants in each jaw provide retention and stability to dentures (implant supported denture). Dentures can also be completely eliminated and replaced by permanent implant teeth.

What is Implant Supported Denture?

Implant supported dentures, or otherwise known as overdentures are removable prosthesis that are supported or anchored to dental implants. 2 or 4 dental implants can be surgically inserted into each  jaw bone and used as anchors to hold dentures down and provide retention and stability. Special attachments allow dentures to be snapped into implants and locked in place to prevent lifting or movement of dentures under chewing or during talking. Such mechanism greatly enhances denture function. Patients wearing Implant Supported Dentures feel much more confident that their teeth do not move around in their mouth while eating or speaking, leading to greatly enhanced self confidence. Implant Supported Dentures feel stronger in the mouth and allow more efficient chewing of vegetable, nuts, and meet. This improved diet greatly enhances patient’s overall health and well being.

4 implants inserted into the lower jaw, with special attachment to engage with lower denture

(Actual patient of Dr. Khazian)

Lower denture with 4 attachments to engage with 4 implants

(Actual patient of Dr. Khazian)


How Is The implant supported denture Procedure Done?

If you already have dentures and are satisfied with the their esthetics, all you need is surgical placement of 2 or 4 implants in each jaw. Such surgery is quite easy and is done under local anesthetics. You may also request an alternative anesthetic rout such as general. Placement of 4 implants in one jaw usually takes 45-90 minutes and if jaw bone is favorable in volume and density, special attachments can be placed during the same visit to anchor down dentures. With dental implants, dentures snap in and connect solidly with implants to stay tightly in place.

Advantages Of Implant Supported Dentures

Implants provide support and retention to dentures and keep them tightly anchored down. This provides great stability for dentures which will otherwise be moving around under function. Patient who use implant supported dentures or overdentures experience better chewing ability and enjoy a more complete diet consisting of vegetables, nuts and fruits. It is needless to say that such improvement in diet result in better overall health and well being.

Because implants eliminate denture movements during speech, implant supported dentures (overdentures) greatly enhance and  improve speech and pronunciation. This has such a huge positive effect on self image and confidence.

Patients who use regular dentures, without implants, suffer from continuous jaw bone deterioration and atrophy, resulting in dentures that become less and less stable. This atrophy may, at times be so severe that using dentures become impossible. Dental implants effectively prevent such bone atrophy. Patients using implant supported dentures (overdentures) maintain healthy and strong jaw bone.

From the replacement of a single missing tooth to extensive reconstruction and replacement of several or even all teeth, Dental Implant Centers offer the healthiest and most intelligent treatment solutions. We provide the most comprehensive treatments for dental implants in San Diego. Surgical and restorative phases of your dental implant treatment are both performed by Dr. Khazian. There will be no referral back and forth to another doctor or office. This means a more consistent, smoother, and faster dental implant treatment.

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