Dental Implant Reconstruction of 3 Missing Teeth


Actual patient of Dr. James Khazian
Dental implant surgery and cosmetic treatment by Dr. James Khazian
Photography by Dr. James Khazian

This case demonstrates replacement of 3 missing teeth in upper right area.
These teeth were missing for many years and patient was wearing an upper partial denture which was bulky, uncomfortable and unnatural looking. She was seeking a better alternative.



3 implants were placed. Healing screws are in place to form a natural looking gum around final teeth.







The openings through the gum show the location of implants. This is 3 months after implant placement. The gum has healed completely and implants are ready for final teeth (loading).






Final teeth are placed in position. Note the gum architecture and esthetics are superb. These teeth are individually supported by each implant and are completely separate from each other and adjacent natural teeth. This condition will allow patient to floss them just as she flosses her natural teeth.






Another photo of the finished treatment shows excellent integration of implant teeth into patient’s smile. Provided with regular care, these implant teeth will function comfortably for decades.

Modern implant dentistry offers the best solution for missing teeth and/or denture problems. Dentures and bridges are obsolete and outdated. They definitely do not meet the current criteria in modern dentistry. If you have missing teeth (or about to lose any teeth), call 866-4my-smile to have a complimentary consultation with Dr. Khazian and learn what modern dentistry can do for you.