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  BEAUTIFUL SMILE WITH IMPLANT TEETHBy Dr. James Khazian DMD. AFAAID. FICOI.  A beautiful smile is a valuable asset in everybody’s personal and professional life. Almost everyone truly care about the appearance of their teeth and agree that missing teeth, misaligned teeth, spaced teeth, and discolored teeth are unattractive and source of distraction in their life. A beautiful smile is powerful and portray command and control. In fact people who have beautiful teeth are more
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SINGLE TOOTH DENTAL IMPLANT Dental implants offer the best solution for replacement of missing or failing teeth. Dental implants are now considered as the only natural way to replace teeth. This is because dental implants function precisely the same way as natural teeth do. Dental implants are titanium screw that  are surgically placed into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth. Because they are biocompatible with human body, dental implants bond strongly with
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REPLACEMENT OF AN UPPER FRONT TOOTH Replacement of an upper front tooth is by far one of the most challenging implant treatments of all. This is due to the esthetic consideration in front of the mouth. Upper front teeth are the most prominent facial feature when you smile and an attractive smile is the most important asset in your personal and professional life. Replacement of a single tooth in the front of the mouth requires
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Dental implant treatment considerations

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Dental implant treatment considerations for patients taking Bisphosphonates   Bisphosphonates (both oral and intravenous) are used to manage osteoporosis as well as certain types of cancers. These compounds are potent inhibitors of osteoclastic-mediated bone resorption. Therefore, physiologic bone resorption and remodeling are severely compromised in patients receiving bisphosphonate therapy. Additionally, bisphosphonates have antiangiogenic properties and may be directly tumoricidal, making them an important agent in cancer therapy. All bisphosphonate compounds accumulate over extended periods of

Postoperative Instructions

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Postoperative instructions following dental implants Placement of dental implants usually does not create a great deal of pain. However, carefully reading and following these instructions will ensure smooth and easy healing. Please read the following instructions before surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss those with Dr. Khazian or his surgical assistants.If you have extreme pain and/or swelling which can not be controlled with your prescribed medications, please call our office immediately. After