Sinus Bone Graft and Dental Implants in San Diego 92103

The journey to healthy and strong dental implants is not always easy, but a sinus lift procedure is a step in the right direction. Our procedure makes it possible to enjoy the full advantages of dental implants at our practice, even after a significant bone loss.

What Is Sinus Bone Graft

Sinus bone graft is a dental procedure that provides a strong, solid platform for placing a dental implant. Here are some advantages of sinus bone graft:

  • The procedure prevents the loss of teeth due to bone graft 
  • The procedure helps to replace bone loss due to periodontal disease
  • The procedure can help to improve the patient’s facial structure

Procedure for Sinus Bone Graft

At our practice, several different approaches exist for sinus bone grafts surgery. The right approach for you might depend upon:

  • How much bone you currently have in your jaw, 
  • What kind of bone graft our specialist is using, and 
  • The prospective approach for dental implant placement at a later period. 

Our specialist might give you an oral or intravenous sedative or numb the area with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Also, we will identify and make incisions into the back area of your gum tissue and expose the bone. 

Furthermore, our team will cut a tiny portion of the bone while carefully avoiding the sinus membranes. We will lift the cut area of the bone into the sinus cavity, which raises the membrane. Our dentists will apply bone graft materials in the recently lifted portion. This can be bone taken from another part of your body or artificial bone material.

In addition, our specialist discusses which of these options you want. We will apply stitching to cover the incisions in your gums. After the procedure, our specialist doctor will give you instructions to guide you in your recovery.

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