Molar Implant Teeth in San Diego 92103

Replacing a missing molar is often recommended to improve your smile and make it possible for you to eat certain foods once again. The molar implant teeth procedure remains the ideal dental procedure to replace a missing molar. At our dental practice, we offer excellent and outstanding dental services, including the molar implant teeth procedure. 

What Is Molar Implant Teeth

A molar implant tooth is a dental implant used to replace a missing or damaged molar. These implants also give you the natural feel of the missing molar. Here are some benefits of molar implant teeth:

  • The procedure improves the patient’s ability to chew
  • The procedure helps prevent loss of bone 
  • The procedure can help keep you free from gum diseases

Procedure For Molar Implant Teeth

Our specialists start by getting your teeth, gums, and jawbone evaluated. A crucial part of this initial examination is finding out whether you have enough healthy jawbone to maintain the molar implant. Our specialist will cut the gum, exposing the jawbone beneath.  

Also, our specialist drills a hole into the bone to insert the molar implant post. If you want a temporary removable denture, it will be placed over the hole for beauty until the permanent tooth joins the implant. After our specialist places the dental implant, it will take around 2 to 6 months before significant new bone growth can begin around the screw. Our dentist adds an abutment to the implant. 

In addition, our specialist might do this during the first or second minor procedures under a local sedative. Our specialists use abutments to link the replacement tooth to the molar implant. After healing is done, our specialist will examine your teeth so that your permanent replacement tooth is designed to fit. These can be removable or fixed. If you pick a removable tooth, it will be attached to a metal frame and connected to the abutment. If you choose a fixed tooth, it will be permanently glued or screwed onto the abutment.

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