Full Mouth Reconstruction in San Diego CA 92103

Full mouth reconstruction to help treat your oral disease or infection to your oral cavity. Also, the procedure may help repair your damaged teeth and improve your dental health. For your full mouth reconstruction, our practice is the ideal place to turn to. We offer excellent and compassionate dental services and full mouth reconstruction to restore your beautiful smile.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is an array of procedures to rehabilitate or repair the teeth, including the oral cavity, jaws, and even the gum. Below are indications that you need a full mouth reconstruction

  • Your teeth are worn down. 
  • You have specific kinds of chronic pain.
  • You have been a victim of dental trauma
  • You have symptoms of gum disease 
  • A weak bite

Procedure for Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our specialists start by asking questions about your dental health and medical history. We then carry out a thorough head, oral, and neck examination to know the magnitude of the issue and the treatment needed. Our specialist will also take some records of the oral cavity, including impressions, images, and x-ray scans of your teeth. 

Our team of experts will also take pictures of the teeth to serve as a reference after we are done with the procedure. We then create a digital design of the current position of your teeth and where they are expected to be after the procedure. Our trusted team uses digital scanning technology to make a 3D model of possible dental restoration. 

Using the results of the previous examinations, our trusted team will explain in detail the adequate combination of dental treatment and procedures to help you achieve great dental health. Our Full mouth reconstruction happens in several stages and requires numerous office appointments. Our professional dentist might spread out the treatments over several months due to the schedule of some dental treatments and the cost. 

Procedures such as dental implant placement need recovery time before installing the final restoration. Our specialist will probably work with a dental lab during the full mouth reconstruction to design dental restorations.

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