Dentures vs. All-On-4 Implants in San Diego CA 92103

With all the varied alternatives for dental reconstruction, like the all on 4 dental implants has, traditional dental implants can seem more expensive and extensive, as it often takes a significantly longer time to install traditional dental implants.


Number of Implants 

With the all on 4 dental implants patients can use only four implants for their dental restorations. Using traditional dental implants requires between four to eight individual implants in order to see the same result.


The Cost 

The cost of each treatment may vary greatly. Patients undergoing all on 4 dental implants typically pay less because fewer implants are needed. In contrast, conventional dental implants are typically used to reconstruct the mouth, resulting in a higher cost. 


What to Know About Bone Structure 

There must be sufficient jawbone strength to support all on 4 dental implants. With traditional dental implants, several implants may be supported, not the four implants in the all on 4 dental implant. Patients will receive the four implants when they have dental reconstructive surgery. 

Those considering such surgery will require a specialist consultation to help them decide on the right method. 

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