Consequences of Not Having Implants, San Diego 92103

Choosing not to get dental implants when you need them can put you at risk of losing more teeth; this, in turn, can cause depression, anxiety, and changes in your facial appearance. Here are some other consequences of not having implants:

Decrease in Bone Density and Height

Going with a missing tooth sometimes causes bone density and height to decrease and decline almost instantly. If you continue in this path, instead of getting a single dental implant, you will likely go through a bone graft procedure as well. Although the bone grafting procedure is not scary, it is still more costly and more painful than a regular dental implant.

Wrongly Positioned Teeth

Another common consequence of not having dental implants comes with the positioning of your teeth. The thing is, your teeth work together as a community: your other teeth move in response to alterations in your mouth, including missing teeth. For instance, your big molars in the back can shift forward into an implant space – if you don’t get your dental implant, there may not be enough space for the new tooth.

Bite Issues

Also, if the opposing tooth is without a partner, it can eject out of your arch and cause problems with your bite. Your adjoining teeth begin to move – it’s a step-by-step process, but it begins after you lose a tooth. The ejection issues can also cause temporomandibular joint pain, which causes severe pain in your jaw.

Biting Your Cheeks and Tongue

Not having your implant can also cause you to bite your cheeks and tongue more often. Although this does not sound like a major issue, it can quickly affect your eating; this can also cause more damage to your overall oral health by overworking the side of your mouth that does not have a missing tooth. Once again, if you do not get implants, you will be back in the dentist’s office, likely facing more severe and more expensive dental procedures than if you’d had your implant placed instantly.

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