Comparing All-On-4 Implants and Dentures in San Diego CA 92103

A denture made with all on four dental implants can appear more costly and time-consuming than a traditional dental implant, which can take a long time to install. 


Amount of Dental Implants 

Patients who have all on four dental implants can have up to four dental implants to achieve the same results as those who have up to eight individual implants. 


Cost of Procedure 

The cost of each procedure can vary drastically. With the all on 4 dental implants patients will generally pay a much lower price as fewer implants are needed. 


Bone Structure 

In order for  all on 4 dental implants to be installed, it is important that the jawbone be strong enough to handle the stress of the implants. With traditional implants, the jawbone may need to support several implants, as opposed to the four implants in the all on 4 dental implants offers patients. Candidates that are considering dental reconstructive surgery will ultimately need a professional consultation to decide which method is right for them.


Traditional dental implants may require several individual implants to reconstruct the mouth, leading to a significant higher price.


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