All-On-4 Implants FAQs in San Diego CA 92103

All-on-4 treatment is an excellent option for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. Patients receive a fully functioning set of upper or lower teeth in just one day using a minimum of four implants, saving time and money! Because it uses the patients’ existing bone rather than performing a bone graft, this innovative procedure provides a graftless solution that is less invasive and more comfortable than traditional implants. 


All-on-4 Implants – Is it painful?

The procedure is quite simple because it typically requires four to six dental implants in each jaw to support the entire new set of teeth. In addition, because the procedure utilizes a unique approach that tilts the posterior implants to utilize the patient’s existing jawbone, many patients do not require bone grafting. 


All-on-4 Implants  – How long will be with a smile?

Patients leave their appointments with a fully functioning temporary set of teeth that look, feel, and function like permanent teeth. Because dental implants and temporary restorations are usually placed on the same day. 


Patients enjoy the All-on-4 treatment because it gives them a beautiful smile, which allows them to go about their everyday activities without embarrassment, discomfort, or interruption. After their gums and mouths have fully healed, patients return to receive their permanent restorations, which usually take three to six months to complete. 


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